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We Manage Your Property so You Can Manage Your Life

We are a full-service management company that offers financial and physical property management. We specialize in rental,  investment and HOA properties.


 About Kori Lord, Owner and Manager

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Kori is a native of Virginia and has spent many years learning about the region and enjoying the many charming venues this area has to offer. It is because of her history in this area that she is so connected to the people and the places. Kori has cultivated many strong relationships throughout her years in the Property Management Industry, spending time working with a variety of service entities and people on behalf of her clients, and she knows how to get things accomplished.

Kori is active in her local business groups and remains current in the industry through continuing education through her member associations, including CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations), AMS (Association Management Specialists), and PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager) as well as working closely with the CAI Education Committee. She uses her wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the best possible service to her clients.






Gretchen Fish          2 Unit      3 Year


Sam Mirmirani        1 Unit      6 Years


Sharon Jentzer        1 Unit       7 Years


Colleen Sproule      1 Unit       6 Years